July 11, 2013

Sales Management

XATmedia is a highly successful team of consultants delivering results in the ares of Sales Management, Media, Publishing Technology and Solutions, Entrepreneurship. We work directly with business owners to solve challenges and issues that deter immediate and long-term sales success. We provide strategic sales management consultation and offer direct selling services. Whether you choose us to consult with you on getting the most out of your sales team or use us to sell directly, we are ready to work and achieve results.

  • Sales & Management Consulting
  • Creating and developing an organizational sales process
  • Direct Selling – representing your company, Advertising Sales
  • Sales Training & Coaching – individual or team training and development
  • Collateral Material Development – Sales & Marketing documents, media kits and presentations
  • Media & Publishing Consulting – Digital Assets




“Let me clarify. You are struggling with..”

Everything starts at understanding and assessing the current state of the business. XATmedia will conduct a thorough interview to pinpoint and isolate the challenges and issues getting in the way of closing more deals and bringing in more revenues.

Creating a Sales Process

Just because you have sales team or salespeople doesn’t mean you have a Sales Process. Think of a Sales Process like a high performing vehicle. As you know, a high performing vehicle needs a gazillion of moving parts to work efficiently together to get to Point A to Point B. Salespeople are just components of the vehicle. A common issue across all businesses and industries is having a strong sales team and not knowing how to utilize the team effectively. Sometimes the products or the servicing process gets in the way. Sometimes a dismal company culture dampers confidence and enthusiasm. This is the importance of Creating a Sales Process. It encompasses a more in-depth analysis and structure than most businesses know. With the right Sales Process in place, you can drive your business from Point A to Point B with confidence.

What can XATmedia do for you?

Let us help you create a stronger Sales Process. This can encompass individual or team training and development, the creation of new Customer Relationship Management system or process, defining and creating marketing and sales channels, hiring salespeople, and direct selling.

“Oh definitely. We can sell for you!”

With the right goals and resources in place, XATmedia can sell directly for your business. Leveraging our experience and relationships, XATmedia can produce immediate and long-term results. Sales is our passion and we are great at it.

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